PLEASE NOTE: Agenda is subject to revision. Speakers will be confirmed closer to conference time.

Day 1 – February 17, 2016

8:20am      Welcome and Introduction
Jim Lane, Editor and Publisher, The Digest

8:30am The Drivers: What’s up in Policy? The Associations outline the work and the year ahead.

In this session, we examine the policy landscape for fuels, chemicals, biomaterials and feedstocks. Our DC-based trade group leaders look at the RFS, LCFS, incentives, tax credits, Post-Paris low-carbon policy, pathway approval, and more.

Mike McAdams, President, Advanced Biofuels Association (invited)
Brooke Coleman, Executive Director, Advanced Biofuels & Biomaterials Council (invited)
Matt Carr, Executive Director, Algae Biomass Organization
Brent Erickson, Executive Vice-President, Biotechnology Industry Organization
Anne Steckel, VP-policy, National Biodiesel Board (invited)

9:50 AM Keynote TBA

10:10am    Networking and Refreshment break

10:40am Keynote TBA

11:00am   The Bioeconomy: Hard Data, Real Perspectives. The experts outline what’s growing, where, when, why.

In this session, we size the Bioeconomy and its growth opportunities. Feedstocks, fuels, vehicles, energy usage, infrastructure, chemicals, fuels and biomaterials markets, feedstock availability, and pricing.

Mindi Farber-DeAnda, Supervisory Economist, Energy Information Administration (invited)
Laurence Eaton, Research Economist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Pavel Molchanov, SVP, Raymond James
Geoff Cooper, SVP, Renewable Fuels Association (invited)
Doug Cameron, Co-president, First Green Partners (invited)

12:20pm  The Hot 50 Address, Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech (invited)
12:35pm   The Hot 40 Address, Lee Edwards, CEO, Virent (invited)

12:50pm    Luncheon and Networking


Development and deployment of C1 to C4 molecules and their markets.

In this session, we look at technologies utilizing CO2 and dextrose to make organic acids, n-butanol, BDO and butadiene among other advanced products.

Dave Law, CEO, Liquid Light (invited)
Sean Sutcliffe, CEO, Green Biologics
Christophe Schilling, CEO, Genomatica (invited)
additional speakers will be announced shortly

3:30pm        Networking and Refreshment break


Rapid Deployment of commercial-scale drop-in fuels

In this session, we look at technologies readying for commercial deployment that offer drop-in fuels to the aviation and heavy-duty markets. How soon, what’s next, and what’s the business model?

Jim Macias, CEO, Fulcrum BioEnergy
Brian Baynes, CEO, Joule Unlimited
Rebecca Boudreaux, President, Oberon Fuels
Matti Lievonen, CEO, Neste Oil (invited)


Deployment of bolt-ons, retrofits and infrastructure technology

In this session, we look at bolt-on and retrofit technologies that focus on adding new capabilities to first-gen plants, from adding feedstock efficiency, lowering the carbon score, or enabling the production of higher value products.

Rob Tripp, CEO, Benefuel (invited)
Brian Thome, CEO, Edeniq (invited)
Rob Elam, CEO, Propel Fuels (invited)
Pat Gruber, CEO, Gevo (invited)

6:30pm        Announcement of the Holberg Award for Lifetime Achievement. Announcement of the 50 Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy, Awards Reception at the HOT PARTY.

Day 2 – February 18, 2016

8:30am The Drivers: What’s up in Development & Deployment? The Agencies outline the work and the year ahead.

In this session, we look at development & deployment. What’s the outlook for transportation, aviation and military fuels — including reducing the costs of new fuels, increasing infrastructure for market deployment, and an update on the Great Green Fleet.

The US Department of Energy
The United States Department of Agriculture
The United States Navy

9:50 AM Keynote TBA

10:10am    Networking and Refreshment break

10:40am Morning Keynote: William Feehery, President, DuPont Industrial Biosciences


Cellulosic fuels: first commercials and beyond

In this session, we look at first commercials, and also begin to look at multi-year, multi-location deployments – who’s adopting, what feedstocks, what policy supports are working, and where.

Brian Foody, CEO, Iogen
Atul Thakrar, President, DSM Bio-Based Products
Martin Mitchell, Business Development Director, Clariant
additional speakers will be announced shortly

12:30pm Luncheon Address TBA

12:50pm    Luncheon and Networking


Chemicals: First commercials and beyond

In this session, we look at first commercials, and also begin to look at multi-year, multi-location deployments – who’s adopting, what feedstocks, what policy supports are working, and where.

Tom Van Aken, CEO, Avantium
Marcel Lubben, CEO, Reverdia
Tjerk de Ruiter, CEO, Corbion (invited)
additional speakers will be announced shortly

3:30pm Refreshment and Networking Break


Near-term opportunities and infrastructure development for biomass energy, protein, nutraceuticals

In this session, we look at advanced technologies that are going commercial based on higher-value, smaller-volume markets such as nutraceuticals, or alternative mass-volume markets such as proteins or biomass energy. What are the challenges, how does it compare to fuels or bulk chemicals?

Jamie Levine, CEO, Sapphire Energy (invited)
Martin Sabarsky, CEO, Cellana
Anna Rath, CEO, NexSteppe (invited)
additional speakers will be announced shortly

5:00pm The Financing of the Advanced Bioeconomy

In this session, we look at the project financing of first commercials and beyond. What structures are working, who’s investing, and where and how and why?

John May, Managing Director, Stern Brothers
Mark Riedy, Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend
John Kirkwood, Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels
Taite McDonald, Holland & Knight

Day 3 – February 19, 2016

8:30am The Bioeconomy R&D Consortia Summit

Consortia and Partnerships: Key national and international consortia update on the latest in technology and commercial development, including Sustainable Energy4ALL, marine fuels, algae development, aviation fuels development, advanced feedstocks, and international market development.

Sustainable Energy 4ALL Presenting: Gerry Ostheimer, SE4ALL
Marine Algae Industrialization Consortium (MAGIC). Presenting: TBD
Producing Algae and Co-Products for Energy (PACE). Presenting, Richard Sayre, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest. Presenting: Tim Eggeman, CEO, ZeaChem (invited)
Sustainable Marine Fuel. Presenting: Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO, GoodNRG Group (invited)


In Partnership with the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative: “Aviation and Military Markets”, policy accelerators at the global, national and state level, and latest updates on technology, offtakes, pathway certification, testing and business development.

11:00am    Networking and Refreshment break

11:30am The Biochemical Technology Leadership Roundtable Workshop

In Partnership with the American Chemical Society and the ACS Green Chemistry Institute, “Opportunities in establishing a Biochemical Technology Leadership Roundtable.” The Roundtable, if formed, would Identify non-competitive issues across the bio/renewable economy value chain, Establish best practices, techniques, and tools/metrics for achieving them, and Incentivize the bio/renewable economy value chain to engage and innovate.

1:00pm    Luncheon and Networking

2:00pm  Standing together: Lessons learned across the renewable energy spectrum

Presented in partnership with the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), this session focuses on looking across the renewable energy sector — biofuels, biomass, solar, wind, and geothermal — at lessons learned on successful national, state and global policy and planning, stakeholder communication, business models, global development, technology development pathways, capital formation. What can we all learn from each other in a movement that has transformed into an entire portfolio of new industries. What has worked, where can we do better? How can we continue to coordinate a common message of renewable energy even as these new industries chart their respective paths?

3:30pm Refreshment and Networking Break

4:00pm  The Big Q&A

In our final session, we answer 100 questions submitted by delegates, readers and viewers around the world, on policy, feedstocks, supply chain, pricing, processing technology, market applications, market sizes and growth expectations. Our expert panel takes all comers and gives straight answers on technology, markets and opportunity.