The Advanced Bioeconomy Deployment Report

It’s biggest, most-comprehensive report we’ve ever published on the advanced bioeconomy

The Advanced Bioeconomy Deployment Report arrives June 9th, and is included with registration for Advanced Bioenergy Feedstocks Conference delegates – it will be released globally on June 23rd for $1295.


The Projects

Profiling more than 250 advanced bioeconomy projects in place or in development  – capacities, locations, feedstocks, processing technologies and more. More than 80 technology and project developers in depth – from business models to milestones.  Also highlighting key industry executives at key companies.


The Prices

Includes commodity price trendlines for key feedstocks, RINs, key target molecules and key competitive fossil fuels.



The Outlooks

It includes the 2015 Technology Development Industry Survey, The 2015 Cellulosic Biofuels Survey, and the 2015 Advanced Bioeconomy Business Outlook Survey – a complete 360-degree look at how the industry sees technologies, progress towards scale, and the economic outlook for 2015 and beyond.





To obtain a copy of the report

The 250-page report will be released globally on June 23rd, 2015. Delegates to the Advanced Bioeconomy Feedstocks Conference will receive advanced copies of the Report on June 9, 2015, included in their registration fees. More about the event including the complete final agenda, here.



The Advanced Bioeconomy Dashboard for 6/2/15

The Digest’s Dashboard is a convenient “news you can use” 5-Minute summary of current markets including key commodity prices, relevant futures, bioenergy-related stocks, and historical equities data.

Most recent commodity closing prices, and price changes, for NYMEX’s crude oil, Brent Crude, Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel, Natural Gas, RBOB gasoline, and Ethylene; ethanol and biodiesel futures, D4 and D6 RIN futures, and E85 prices;  field corn, soybean oil, and sugar; dried distillers grains, modified wet distillers grains, and distillers corn oil.

Commodity closing prices


DD-060215-1 DD-060215-2

Sector equities – latest prices and financial data



Historical sector equities