At ABLC, we’re building NEXTStore: The Store of the Future right inside the conference event – where you can see, hear, touch and taste the new fuels, products and biomaterials that are coming to shelves and pumps right now – and many that are coming in the very near future.

At ABLC you’ll see — in our NEXTStore setting, the new foods & beverages, new fuels and fuel dispensing systems; new ingredients; skin creams; nylon materials; new food & beverage packaging; 3D printing resins, lubricants, paints, solvents, protein supplements; nutraceuticals; applications for biobased materials in tires, spandex-related swimwear and gear; ropes; and new biobased automotive materials and rubber.


To paraphrase from something that Walt Disney once said about his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow:

“NEXTStore: The Store of the Future…will take its cue from the new ideas and new technologies that are now emerging from the creative centers of industrial biotechnology. It will be a community of tomorrow that will never be completed, but will always be introducing…and demonstrating new materials and new systems.”

And The Store of the Future “will be a showcase to the world of the ingenuity and imagination of free enterprise.”

How do we start answering this great challenge? Well, we’re convinced we must start by showcasing these new technologies — the biobased revolution, on our own turf at ABLC.  And I hope you’ll be able to make it to Washington, DC to see the bioindustry as it has become, and as it is becoming.

We think that when you can see the future, and hear the future, and touch and taste and experience the future of new products and materials that are coming to shelves around the world right now — and more to come, much more — that you’ll take inspiration from this “living blueprint of the future where people actually see a life they can’t find anyplace else in the world.”

That inspiration, we think, will translate into a spur to further innovation, and galvanize the country to continue to push forward towards a way of living better, feeling better, eating better, traveling better, through the wonders of positive technology.

Can we showcase you? Yes!

We’re definitely on the prowl to learn more about, show and demonstrate  your latest biobased application — fuels, chemicals or materials.