The Advanced Bioeconomy Dashboard for 6/2/15

The Digest’s Dashboard is a convenient “news you can use” 5-Minute summary of current markets including key commodity prices, relevant futures, bioenergy-related stocks, and historical equities data.

Most recent commodity closing prices, and price changes, for NYMEX’s crude oil, Brent Crude, Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel, Natural Gas, RBOB gasoline, and Ethylene; ethanol and biodiesel futures, D4 and D6 RIN futures, and E85 prices;  field corn, soybean oil, and sugar; dried distillers grains, modified wet distillers grains, and distillers corn oil.

Commodity closing prices


DD-060215-1 DD-060215-2

Sector equities – latest prices and financial data



Historical sector equities